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As we announced in our recent 10th edition of SAHIC South America, we have a very strong commitment to sustainability, to protecting the environment and to enhancing the natural resources in a way that brings benefits for present generations and that ensures a better world for generations to come. Consequently, it seemed incredible to be able to embark on the organization of this first edition of Costa Rica Sustainable Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference. Costa Rica is the symbol of sustainability´s values, being recognized throughout the world as a unique tourist destination.

Right after our first ten editions of SAHIC South America, the first of SAHIC Cuba last May, it is a great honor to present this new challenge. We are looking forward to seeing you at this first edition of Costa Rica Sustainable Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference. We will discuss about the top-of-mind issues regarding taking care of our planet, we will analyze the great investment opportunities in Costa Rica, a role model in terms of sustainable development.

Arturo Garcia Rosa
Director - Costa Rica Sustainable Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference
President & Founder - SAHIC

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Costa Rica Sustainable Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference

For the first time, Costa Rica welcomes Costa Rica Sustainable Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference organized by SAHIC. It will provide an unique opportunity to understand the local market, the keys to understand how to do business at a sustainable tourism sector and the perfect environment to connect with local hotel owners, investors, financiers and government officials.

Mauricio Ventura
Minister of Tourism of Costa Rica

"Costa Rica is an ideal country to invest, it´s a country with a democracy tradition, it´s a country of peace and sustainable development and our tourism development model is an example to the rest of the world. I´m sure you will absolutely satisfied in coming to Costa Rica and participating in the Costa Rica Sustainable Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference"

Arturo Garcia Rosa
President & Founder SAHIC

"With over ten meetings, SAHIC has positioned itself as the main event to establish business relationships in the regional hotel and tourism industry. Cities such as Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Bogotá, Quito and Havana, among others, have hosted our conferences. The concept of sustainability is always present in the development of the industry but this is the first time we are organizing a Conference focusing on sustainable development , creating new and great opportunities for players from all over the world, interested in taking advantage of opportunities as well as in ensuring that they guarantee the future of future generations"

“My suggestion is that if you are involved in the hospitality business, you shouldn’t miss SAHIC because here is where you feel, vibrate and get to know what is happening in the tourism industry.”

Alejandro Ginevra, President & CEO, GNV Group

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“SAHIC is an excellent platform that unites investors with developers and brands. It generates new ideas and contacts to be able to develop projects in the future."

Rogerio Basso - Principal Investment Officer - Head of Tourism, IDB Invest