LATAM e-News – April 2018
Interview: Paulo Caputo

Paulo Caputo
President, Atrio Hotels

1- Could you describe Atrio´s unique business model?
Atrio is a 30 years old independent hotel operator. We are very focused on managing hotels, pursuing the highest possible profitability for the proprieties. To achieve that we rely on brands that give us visibility and hotel technology, so we can focus on guest service and profitability. We are also a real estate player, since we invest in most of the hotels we manage.

2- Today, Atrio is the largest franchisee of Accor in Brazil and has been developing its hotel brands since over 25 years ago. What are the advantages of developing all these brands for an international hotel chain?
We keep our company lean and focused, avoiding excessive investments in marketing and distribution. Also, for hotel investors, is a lot safer to invest in branded hotels, especially if you have an efficient operator.

3- What can you say about Atrio´s expansion plans in the future?
We just signed a long-term management agreement with HSI (a large Brazilian REIT) to add 16 hotels to our portofolio. With that we became one of the top 5 operators in Brazil, and since our economy is expanding again many other projects will come. Atrio will end 2018 operating 54 hotels in 41 cities and more than 7.000 rooms.

4- Which are the conditions you evaluate when deciding on a new hotel development?
Profitability for the owners. We are obsessed with that!

5- How do you see the evolution of hotel industry in Brazil in the last years?
Brazil has been bumpy. Expansions and crises, rapid changing environment. Despite of that we had many new hotels, thanks to the condo-hotel model and big events. Now with the expanding economy we expect a more sustainable growth for the coming years.

6- Which cities do you think represent today a good opportunity in the market and for which segments?
For branded hotels you can not go for small cities. We believe the best opportunities are on capital cities and cities above 350.000 inhabitants, within economic and mid-scale segments. Convention and leisure hotels, close to large cities, are also a good option. Conventions will grow too.

7- How would you describe your participation in SAHIC South America? In your opinion, how does this type of conferences contribute to the hotel industry?
It was very good, I met interesting people and increased my personal network. It was also good to see how our industry is evolving in the region, what the big players are doing.

8- Which social network do you use most often and why?
I like Facebook for quick access to news and Instagram for entertainment.

9- When you travel for pleasure, where do you choose to stay: hotel or Airbnb?
Hotels, definitely. Airbnb is good only when you are on a large family and staying many days at the same place.


Mechanical engineer by Federal University of Santa Catarina with MBA by FGV-SP. Started his career at IBM Brazil as a test engineer, with assignments at IBM Japan and US. Later assumed a role as a Project manager at IBM Brazil. Left IBM to work for Pizza Hut Brazil, developing stores in SC and SP, as a general manager of a master franchisee. His hotelier career started at Accor Brazil, as a general manager.

Later was a founder of Atrio Hoteis S/A, today the largest franchisee of Accor in Brazil, with more than 50 hotels under operation. Currently is a partner and the CEO of Atrio Hotéis S/A.

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