LATAM e-News – March 2018
Interview: Juan Francisco Scalesciani

Juan Francisco Scalesciani
Executive Vice President of Dysyn Group

1- More than 10 years ago, Dysyn Group made its debut in the hotel industry with the remodeling and construction of the Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt. How would you describe the experience and your role in this project?
Personally, it was a unique experience. The construction of a top-notch hotel is not only a great engineering project, but it is also an experiment in the best possible design so that the guest lives an experience at all times while on the property.

As a group it was very rewarding, especially because it made the whole family participate in the project. The experience was arduous and not without difficulties, but the effort was quickly rewarded with satisfaction.

2- Has the group expanded in the construction of other hotels? Where and why?
We have not yet expanded in the field. Mainly because of a question of priorities in our portfolio.

3- What is the group’s strategy and objectives regarding hotel investments in the region?
We are always analyzing projects, mainly in Argentina and Latin America. At this moment, Argentina is presenting good opportunities for some particular areas, and tourism is one of them. We have a project under analysis for several cities in the interior of Argentina.

4- As for real estate developments, could you mention the projects with the greatest impact in recent times?
Personally, outside the hotel business, I like the concept of developments such as Al Rio, in Buenos Aires, where a combination of products and high density is generated in urban areas.

5- How do you see the evolution of the luxury segment in the region?
I see an interesting evolution in the segment, in what is defined as luxury. Experiences rule. New generations demand different things than the previous ones and today it is necessary to be able to satisfy both.

As far as products and branding are concerned, many new things are being seen in the world, but I still don’t see them settled in our region. Luxury investment requires a lot of capital and that’s why you need slightly higher rates than the current ones.

6- What is your vision of the tourism industry in Argentina? What do you think are the trends in tourism in the country?
Argentina should be a country where tourism is one of the main sources of income. It meets all the characteristics for this, due to its extension and variety of cities and ecosystems.

But for this, it is necessary to develop infrastructure much more, be it roads, facilities, aerial routes and even service-oriented human resources. However, I note that most of the shortfalls are identified and work is ongoing. It can even be seen in the growth in passenger numbers in the last years with a very good trend.

7- Could you mention the advantages and opportunities that the region presents today for hotel construction or remodeling?
I believe that the main opportunity is the region’s development potential.

8- How would you describe your participation in SAHIC South America? In your opinion, how does this type of conference contribute to the hotel industry?
I think it was a great experience where I could meet and listen to many voices. And I particularly appreciate being able to exchange ideas with people who know a lot about the industry and who are also decision makers.

9- Which social network do you use most often and why?
I’m registered on all of them and I don’t use practically any. Instagram to see what my friends are up to.

10- When you travel for pleasure, where do you choose to stay: hotel or Airbnb?


Juan is Executive Vice President of the Dysyn group which is the Scalesciani´s family holding.

It includes investments mainly in pharma and real estate industries.

He started his participation in the hotel business overseeing El Rosario S.A. and has been actively involved with the remodeling and construction of Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt Buenos Aires.

Since its opening in 2006 the Palacio Duhau has become one of the most awarded hotels in South America. Defined by Travel & Leisure as an icon of luxury and sophistication.

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