LATAM e-News | Special Edition: Medellin – July 2018
Who is Who: Luis Pérez Gutiérrez

Who is Who
Luis Pérez Gutiérrez
Governor of Antioquia

Luis Pérez Gutiérrez was born in Cañasgordas, in western Antioquia.

He is a graduate of the National High School Marco Fidel Suárez, of Medellín; Industrial Engineer from the Faculty of Mines of the Universidad Nacional, Master in Mathematics from the same university and “Master of Arts” from the University of Michigan, USA. with Research in Mathematical Models for Industry, of the International Atomic Energy Agency. IAAE. Trieste, Italy

From an early age he demonstrated his discipline and love for work and his vocation of service, inheritance from his parents: Alberto Pérez Londoño, judge and notary, and Carmen Emilia, a mother who worked tirelessly for the elderly of their municipality.

Among the positions held are: Mayor of Medellín, Rector of the University of Antioquia, the director of the Colombian Institute for the Promotion of Higher Education – ICFES, director of Planeación de Antioquia, secretary of Education of Medellín, General Manager of BENEDAN (Beneficencia de Antioquia) and EDA, manager of Kent Industries and research assistant at the University of Michigan.

Teaching has also been part of his life, devoting his time and knowledge to young people through professorships at the University of Medellin and the National University of Colombia.

Chess fan, a sport that he practiced in national and international competitions and to which he served as a leader, he is recognized as a great strategist.
The fight against poverty, the guarantee of public services for all, at fair prices, the opportunities in transport, health and education and the improvement of the quality of life of the rural people, their priorities as ruler.

His public management is characterized by the conception and execution of important public works. He is the architect of the physical and social transformation of Medellín at the beginning of this century with works such as the Metrocable, Plaza Mayor, the dual carriageway to Las Palmas, Carrera 34, the Parque de las Luces, the EPM Library, the Banco de los Pobres, the Vaso de Leche Escolar, the Escuelas Populares del Deporte, The Cultural networks, the cheapest public services of Colombia, the Parque de los Deseos, the extension of the Museum of Antioquia and the extension of career 76 without additional valorization taxes, the creation of Metroseguridad Security Company and the Agency for International Cooperation, works and programs left by the Mayor’s Office of Medellín between 2001 and 2003 with its “Medellín Competitivo” Development Plan.
As Secretary of Education of Medellín, he had already created the City of Music Bands and Schools and the regional channel Telemedellín.

For Luis Pérez Gutiérrez, education is: “the engine of social mobility”. It is through this that a society passes from despair to the exercise of rights. His broad vision of the world has allowed him to dream of a plural and diverse society, with opportunities for education for all. As a guarantee of access to education, he bet on the regionalization of the Universidad de Antioquia, as mayor he built “La Escuela del maestro” and in “Antioquia Piensa en Grande”, the Digital University with high technology, the Digital Free Bachelorship, the technological modernization, the free Internet and the decrease of illiteracy are on the way from dreams to reality.

Columnist of various newspapers, his passion for research, method and the creation of new ways of relating from the public and private, has been reflected in the following books:

• Educación para una nueva sociedad.
• Demasiado tarde para tener miedo.
• Política pública.
• La universidad pública que el país necesita.
• Compro la guerra.
• Nuevos estilos de universidad.
• UNIVERSIDAD: transformación o decadencia.
• Cadenas de Markov (Engineering).
• Procesos estocásticos para ingeniería.
• La Educación pública que Colombia necesita. (Co-author).
• Evolución de las tarifas de energía en Colombia.

His public management and the development of plans, programs and public policies, focused on the development of the territories and their communities, have earned him the following recognitions:

• Orden Guayasamín, granted by the Unesco Directorate, recognizing the creation of the Strategic Instrument for the Alleviation of Poverty in America- BANCO DE LOS POBRES.
• Best Governor of Latin America, granted by the Latin American Federation of Cities, Municipalities and Municipalities Associations, FLACMA
• Gran Orden del Barón de Río Bronco of the Federative Republic of Brazil.
• Commemorative Medal of the Congress of the Republic of Guatemala.
• Orden de la Democracia, Gran Cruz Oficial of the Congress of Colombia.
• Francisco de Paula Santander Order, Gold Category.
• Military Medal ‘Fe en la Causa’, of the National Army. 2016
• Military Merit Order José María Córdova, Comendador category. Granted by the President of the Republic and the Ministry of Defense. August 2017
• Marco Fidel Suarez Military Medal. Awarded by the Colombian Air Force. August 2017
• Great Order of Merit Colombian Liberal Party.
• Executive of the year of the Junior Chamber of Antioquia.
• Honorary Member of the Latin American Federation of Cities, Municipalities and Municipal Associations, FLACMA.
• Sports Merit Coldeportes.
• Peón de Oro Distinction, Chess League of Antioquia.

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