Find out why the key people of the hospitality industry choose to attend SAHIC Conferences.

Joanna Ayala Quintana
Development Manager for Colombia, Ecuador & Peru, AccorHotels

Fernando Poma
VP & Managing Director, Real Hotels & Resorts, Grupo Poma

Rogerio Basso
Principal Investment Officer - Head of Tourism, IDB Invest

Arturo Mario Navarro Ithuralde
CEO, Aadesa

Sébastien Bazin
Chairman & CEO, AccorHotels

"South America has huge potential in many countries; you just have to adapt to the local economy, local cultures and you have to do it through the local executives. SAHIC is really the time where you can actually share thoughts, where you can meet people. If you want to be good in your industry you have to first listen to what people have to tell you. It is a must to be here."

Bill Walshe
CEO, Viceroy Hotel Group

"SAHIC is an opportunity to interact with the people who genuinely make decisions for the region. There´s a lot of people here but they are great people. You don´t find yourself trying to get out of the conversations, you find yourself trying to stay in conversations because we are networking with people who really do run this region. It’s a one stop shop, a very efficient use of my time."

David Sutton Dabbah
President & CEO, Grupo Alvear

"I am proud to participate in this event and I think it is very important because it nourishes us from the experience from all over the world and Argentina is positioned as the place that it always had to be and I believe with projections towards the future."

Isabel Noboa
CEO, Consorcio Nobis

"Hemos estados muy contentos, creo que todos los participantes de este evento que tan bien ha organizado SAHIC, realmente mis felicitaciones para ellos. Ha habido grandes marcas internacionales que han sido muy talentosas para poderse reunir inclusive con las personas adecuadas, ha habido muchas conversaciones internas y creo que la conclusión más importante de este evento podría ser de que uniendo esfuerzo, podemos lograr realmente mejorar el turismo nuestro internacionalmente"

Christopher J. Nassetta
President & CEO, Hilton

"It was really important for me to be at SAHIC this year because we’ve had a longstanding relationship with this conference, I think since the origin and always have found it to be an incredibly useful conference because in Latin America, which is a critically important part of our business it gets all of the leaders around the region together to talk about the issues that are most important, to advance our causes in the hospitality space. It also has all of the people that are the most influential whether that be in the business or governments in one place and so a very efficient way to both understand what is going on and to connect with the people who are the most important decision makers."

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Highlights 2017

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