Sébastien Bazin
Chairman & CEO, AccorHotels

"South America has huge potential in many countries; you just have to adapt to the local economy, local cultures and you have to do it through the local executives. SAHIC is really the time where you can actually share thoughts, where you can meet people. If you want to be good in your industry you have to first listen to what people have to tell you. It is a must to be here."

Bill Walshe
CEO, Viceroy Hotel Group

"SAHIC is an opportunity to interact with the people who genuinely make decisions for the region. There´s a lot of people here but they are great people. You don´t find yourself trying to get out of the conversations, you find yourself trying to stay in conversations because we are networking with people who really do run this region. It’s a one stop shop, a very efficient use of my time."

Geoff Ballotti
President & CEO, Wyndham Hotel Group

"We are honored to be part of SAHIC Buenos Aires. Together with owners, franchisees and key players in the market, we hope to create new opportunities for investments in Argentina and the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean"

David Sutton Dabbah
President & CEO, Grupo Alvear

"I am proud to participate in this event and I think it is very important because it nourishes us from the experience from all over the world and Argentina is positioned as the place that it always had to be and I believe with projections towards the future."

Welcome to Medellín

Medellín, the home for a new edition of SAHIC South America

As every year, we innovate, we challenge ourselves, we continue to build, always renewing our commitment to gather in one place, small, medium and large players in the hospitality, tourism and real estate industry, to make dreams come true and contribute to the prosperous development of each country as a promising tourist destination.

In this opportunity, in the wonderful setting of Medellín, Colombia, we hope to be once again the tool that the industry has already incorporated as its own, to facilitate the meeting of those who seek to make business in the sector in the framework of Latin America.

International and regional hotel chains, investors, developers, government officials, architects, designers, real estate companies, investment funds, banks and other actors that contribute with the development of hotel and tourism projects in the region will gather in the framework of the leading hotel and tourism investment conference in Latin America next September 24-25, at InterContinental Medellín, Colombia.

As in every edition, we continue to be committed on the great challenge of contributing to the development of projects in each of the countries that make up the region, providing those who attend SAHIC South America the opportunity to exchange experiences and business opportunities.

Dear colleagues and friends, thank you for joining us over the years and welcome those who are joining SAHIC South America for the first time.

Arturo Garcia Rosa
President & Founder - SAHIC

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World Class Speakers

SAHIC's speakers are prominent members of the hotel, tourism and real-estate investment community. Their expertise, practical advice and forecast will provide attendees with the latest information on development, trends and best practice in the hotel investment industry.

“My suggestion is that if you are involved in the hospitality business, you shouldn’t miss SAHIC because here is where you feel, vibrate and get to know what is happening in the tourism industry.”

Alejandro Ginevra, President & CEO, GNV Group

Focused Networking

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Networking Culinary Receptions:

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20/20 Showcase your Project

“20/20 Showcase your Project” is the platform aimed at showcasing and submitting innovative ideas and attractive projects to be developed in different destinations around the region and at facilitating the encounter between opportunities and interested investors.
The initiative comprises micro-presentations featuring 20 slides to be shown for no longer than 20 seconds a piece. The goal is to present the project’s key points in an agile and straight forward manner that may draw the audience’s attention by appealing to the effectiveness of images and project highlights.

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“SAHIC is an excellent platform that unites investors with developers and brands. It generates new ideas and contacts to be able to develop projects in the future."

Rogerio Basso - Principal Investment Officer - Head of Tourism, IDB Invest

World Class Sponsors

SAHIC´s sponsors are international and regional experts in the field of hotel & tourism investment. They are at the forefront of the industry and leading the way in South America.

If you are interested in Sponsorship Opportunities please contact:
Pablo García Rosa, pgrosa@sahic.com +54 11 5217-4535