Why SAHIC South America

SAHIC South America, established in 2008, is the premier hospitality and tourism investment conference and the only meeting of its kind conducted in the continent.

SAHIC South America certainly contributes to understand where the industry is today and where it is heading, but above all, it helps to understand where the opportunities lie, how to meet the right partners and build the partnerships that may increase business opportunities.

from 30 countries
80 %
Attendees are Owners, CEOs, Presidents and Senior Managment
International Speakers
World Class Sponsors, including regional governments

Where do SAHIC South America's attendees comes from?

Attendees include hotel groups, investors, banks, private funds, developers, architects and interior designers, regional government representatives and other decision makers of the industry.


SAHIC's sponsors are experts in the field of hotel & tourism investment. They are at the forefront of the industry and leading the way in South America.
If you are interested in Sponsorship Opportunities, please contact: 
Pablo Garcia Rosa, pgrosa@sahic.com

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Showcase your Project

“20/20 Showcase your Project” is the platform aimed at showcasing and submitting innovative ideas and attractive projects to be developed in different destinations in the region, and at facilitating the encounter between opportunities and interested investors.
The initiative comprises micro-presentations featuring 20 slides to be shown for no longer than 20 seconds a piece. The goal is to present the project’s key points in an agile and straight forward manner that may draw the audience’s attention by appealing to the effectiveness of images and project highlights.


The SAHIC awards have been instituted to acknowledge outstanding contributions to the Hospitality Industry within the Latin American region.


Within these recognitions, there are three open categories: Deal of the Year, Best New Hotel or Mixed-Use Hotel Development, and Hotelier of the Year. Additionally, each year SAHIC presents a Special Recognition to award a professional, entity or campaign that makes a difference or great impact on the industry.