April 2019 | SAHIC: always CLOSE, very CLOSE, by Arturo García Rosa

Arturo García Rosa
President & Founder, SAHIC

SAHIC: always CLOSE, very CLOSE.

Something new is coming, and we will be part of it together.

From the very beginning, SAHIC had a clear need to bring opportunities closer to those who had the capacity to develop it.

Habits sometimes put us in a situation of comfort that not only prevents us from continuing to grow, but even leads us to become a little ungrateful.

As it happens with great referents of this industry that provide platforms to facilitate networking between large, medium and small players and build an increasingly profitable hotel industry, such as IHIF in Berlin (22 editions) or NYU International Hospitality Investment Conference (40 editions), SAHIC, with its 11 editions in South America, 1 in Central America (San José, Costa Rica) and 1 in The Caribbean (Havanna, Cuba), has become an essential tool for business development in the region.

The proximity brought about by these events is not the only tool for development of the hotel industry, however vital to pave the way.

For years Latin America has been the subject of the main events of this type in the United States, and surely they have contributed something.

As Latin Americans, we know this subject well, we have a long history in the industry and in the region. We walk the markets, we talk to their players.

This is how SAHIC was created with the challenge of covering the region's markets, including the large, medium and small markets as well.

We are convinced that this is the way forward.

After 11 years of experience with SAHIC and over 40 in the industry we are certain of what was our seed. Close to opportunities, close to people.

It is time to deepen the work and continue in the same direction, pursuing the goal of staying close.

We know that you know what we're talking about and that's why we're sure we're counting on you. Because together we will continue to take steps towards the growth of the hotel business throughout Latin America.

Something new is coming, and we will be part of it together.

Camila Lavori