A short path to always be a step ahead, by Arturo García Rosa

Arturo García Rosa
President & Founder, SAHIC

A short path to always be a step ahead

The hotel and tourism business is growing up strongly and flourishing in many markets of Latin America.

Regardless of the impact of the policies implemented by the United States government in relation to protecting its industries, the threat of some trade wars that interfere and the strengthening of the US dollar in relation to almost all emerging markets currencies, among which undoubtedly are the markets of our region, the hotel business in this region is sending signs of maturity, showing that not only is it capable of sustaining the increase of the supply that was experiencing in the recent years, but also that it is in conditions to go for more.

Some players get this clear, and keep on betting on both, developing new hotels and upgrading and adding flags to existing properties.

In some cases, opportunities are huge, there are important markets where there is almost no pipeline and they start to send clear signals that the demand starts to overwhelm the supply.

Great opportunities, unmissable opportunities.

As in the past eleven years, SAHIC offers you the opportunity to get to know more about this, identify those opportunities, meet your new partner, find the capital you are needing and/or the financing to take your business forward. Get to know what is happening, and above all, what is about to happen in the hotel and tourism business in Latin America.

SAHIC has proven to be on the cutting-edge many times and allowing you to be so too because SAHIC is all of us.

New technologies, what is about to come, what can be perceived and what is still not visible. Without forgetting about those life stories that stimulate so much to move forward not only in good times but also even in those that are not so.

SAHIC is Latin America and we are all SAHIC.

You can’t miss it, save the date and book now to be in Quito next September 16 & 17.

A short path to be always a step ahead.

Looking forward to welcoming you.

May 31, 2019

Camila Lavori