Interview | Fahad Siddiqui - Founder The Collective & President & Partner Casa Campus

SAHIC e-News Latin America - 2019

Fahad Siddiqui
Founder The Collective & President & Partner Casa Campus

1- How would you describe coliving and Casa Campus?
Coliving is a housing solution for the rental community. Casa Campus has a very defined product for this community that makes the transition into a new city as easy as possible. We optimise the experience and return per square metre.

2- How would you describe digital nomads?
Digital nomads are the new class or category of the workforce. They are people who have taken advantage of the independence the internet offers.

3- In your opinion, how are newer generations driving change in real estate and hospitality industry?
The new generations have grown up in a very different world to previous generations, they are growing up in what is called ‘the information age’. Technological efficiencies and the internet has transformed the outlook of new generations across the globe, information is much more readily available, they are now one touch away from a conversation with someone on the other side of the world (this communication is free & immediate) the cost of travel is dramatically less, the newer generations also value experiences over material possession, they are getting married later (if at all).

All in all things have changed and the real estate and hospitality world has to adapt to that change or be left behind.

4- What should a hotel project consider in order to attract the most powerful and influential consumer group today?
Understand them. Recognise what they value and adapt your project accordingly. Be hyper aware of what can & can not be changed. Understand the location of your project first, what about this project can be adapted to match the needs of this consumer group that visit the area?

5- What is the role of “experiences” in this scenario and what are the destinations in the region that appear more competitive in this respect?
Experiences are location and price sensitive. As long as you can create an inviting situation where people are comfortable connecting with each other you have succeeded. Most young people are after these connections, irrespective of the destination.

6- How is the industry and investors responding to new trends in hospitality and real estate development?
The industry and investors have been responding well. There has been a relatively fast adoption of new ways of doing business in the sector, such as coworking & coliving, with each market creating their own versions of each. A few hospitality companies and investors have been diversifying their portfolios to include a stake in these new sectors and others that are redefining the industry.

7- SAHIC will have the honor of featuring you as Keynote Speaker for the first time. In your opinion, how does this type of conference contribute to the hotel industry?
Anywhere where ideas can be shared is a good thing. No one person has all the answers, but to be in a position to learn from others and create connections allows those attending to grow their knowledge, network and output.

8- Which social network do you use most often and why?
Excluding whatsapp - it used to be Facebook then it became Instagram and now it is probably LinkedIn. LinkedIn has always been a useful tool for me but with the expansion the company is going through now I find myself using it more and more.

9- When you travel for pleasure, where do you choose to stay: hotel or Airbnb?
I prefer a hotel when travelling with my wife, I like to be treated well and have convenience. If however I am travelling with a group of friends, I prefer to rent a place where we can all be together. If I am travelling alone, I prefer a coliving building.


Fahad is responsible for ensuring maximum efficiency in all aspects of the company's operations.

Fahad founded a student housing/coliving company during his final year of university at the London School of Economics and Political Science. The company evolved from a web-based platform to the leasing, acquisition and development of hundreds of units in central London under the brand Share in the City LTD, which is now part of The Collective Partners LLP.

He also has experience in start ups and international business in the Middle East and Asia. Since 2016 he has lived in Buenos Aires with his Spanish wife and his German shepherd called Bagheera. He enjoys playing football, spending time with family and friends and philanthropic activities. His favorite campus in the world is the LSE campus, because it has a village feel in the heart of London with a great combination of old and new architecture.

Education: London School of Economics & Political Sciences (LSE), BA (Hons) Geography.

To contact Fahad Siddiqui: @Fahad Siddiqui

To learn more about Casa Campus, visit: @Casa Campus

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