Cristian Roberts

Cristián Roberts Castro - President,


Costa Rican businessman focused on real estate private equity and structuring in LatinAmerica. Mr. Roberts is President of PRIME, a real estate private equity and real estate structuring firm with extensive experience in the region and a deep network in the real estate industry.

PRIME has participated with a select group of multi-Latin corporations and high net worth groups in more than 110 real estate projects in 17 countries in Latin America.Prior to PRIME, Mr. Roberts worked at MESOAMERICA -sister organization to BAIN & COMPANY and BAIN CAPITAL- and at the law firm PACHECO COTO (now EY Law), where he accumulated additional experience in financial and legal strategic consulting, as well as mergers and acquisitions, participating in multiple transactions in Central America and theCaribbean.

Mr. Roberts is also an external board member in various companies and over time has contributed time and resources to various family legacy institutions (founded by his great grandparents) such as the HOSPITAL CLÍNICA BÍBLICA and ASOCIACION ROBLEALTO, among others, and to the PRIME FOUNDATION (Corporate Social Responsibility vertical at PRIME, which focuses on community intervention in towns neighboring projects thatPRIME is involved in).

Since 2013, Mr. Roberts is an active member of the LATIN AMERICAN BUSINESS COUNCIL(CEAL), now serving as President of the Costa Rican chapter (2015-present).