LATAM e-News – June 2018
Arturo´s Letter

Arturo García Rosa
President & Founder, SAHIC

SAHIC facing the Crack between the Urgent and the Important.

Last week we saw the end of the first round of industry meetings organized by SAHIC, with an invitation to share breakfasts in the main markets of the region. So far: Buenos Aires, San Pablo, Lima and Santiago de Chile.

The results and above all the conclusions of these are really very interesting.

A group of representative players from each market enriched the proposal of these meetings, which have the invaluable participation of STR. The exchange of information and conclusions demonstrated the need for such initiatives and highlighted something that seems to have become obvious and, more than ever, is essential.

SAHIC made its appearance in 2008 and gradually became the annual meeting of the industry in the region. In the midst of the real estate bubble crisis, it grew and became the place to catch up, to test oneself, to find windows where they did not exist, to identify the partners with whom to open them, to find out where the industry is, but above all where it is going, to know where the opportunities are, to verify and compare the performance, to exchange with those we always wanted and never imagined, to participate in disruptive experiences that enrich our being, contributing to making us better people, better professionals, better entrepreneurs.

Wowwwww, we had dreamed it like this, but it’s amazing to know that it came true.

This is impossible without the active participation of business players. Those who are, have been and will be with us. Local, regional and international players.

Returning to the conclusions of the aforementioned SAHIC breakfasts regarding the obvious, it is clear that the meeting and exchange between the players of the business is not only necessary but, I would say, essential.

The daily agenda, the concerns of a changing world that confronts us with a present where some important world players seem to want to lower the flags of globalization to establish a protectionist framework that threatens an unsuspected trade war, the strengthening of the dollar and the consequent devaluation of the currencies of emerging markets, the rise in costs in the main regional markets, in short, an innumerable sum of factors that are cause for daily concern and require permanent attention, deepen the
Crack between the Urgent and the Important.

Being aware that more than ever, the revealing, enlightening, enriching and inspiring spaces such as the one presented by SAHIC must be maintained among all those who have made it a reality, I invite you to overcome the constraints of the daily agenda, to overcome the doubt and the laziness for the burden that it sometimes suggests to us, and to recover the relevance of being part of a tool that has proven to be so enriching for the industry in the region.

I invite you to make a place for yourselves on your agenda to meet us next September 24th and 25th in Medellin, Colombia. A city, a region and a country that clearly show us that almost everything, if not everything, is possible when those who want to build the roads to make all dreams come true meet.