Freddy Dominguez

Freddy Domínguez -

Vice president for Latin America, Expedia Group

Lodging Partner Services

In his position, Freddy leads the regional market management team of the Expedia Group, which fosters successful relationships with more than 10,000 hotel properties. In addition, Freddy manages the company's strategic initiatives throughout Mexico and Central America to promote long-term relationships with the main partners in the tourism industry.

Prior to joining the Expedia Group, Freddy was Managing Director and co-founder of, the main financial comparison platform in Mexico, recognized by Forbes and others as one of the most innovative companies in the country.

Freddy was also a strategy consultant with Booz and Company in the practices of technology, mass consumption and energy, delivering projects in more than 10 countries in Latin America. Through his work with Expedia Group, Freddy serves as a mentor and investor of multiple startups and technology companies in Latin America and the United States and actively collaborates in publications such as Forbes and Alto Nivel.