Fuad Velasco Juri- Managing Partner, Nexus Capital Partners

Fuad Velasco Juri is currently a Managing Partner at Nexus Capital Partners, position that he holds since July of 2013. He is the Partner that leads the Real Estate practice, through Nexus Inmobiliario Fund, which invests in real estate assets and developments in Colombia.

Previously to Nexus, Mr. Velasco worked at Bancolombia Group for more than 15 years, occupying positions such as Vice-President of Corporate and Institutional Banking at Bancolombia (in Bogotá) and President of Bancolombia ́s Asset Management and Trust Affiliate (Fiduciaria Bancolombia), position that he held for 7 years. Between 2003 and 2004 Mr. Velasco also worked for the Latam Capital Markets Team at JP Morgan in New York City.

Mr. Velasco has a B.S. in Economics from the U. S. Air Force Academy. Additionally he was a Fulbright Scholar, while studying his MBA at the University of Maryland and he also holds a CEO Management Program Certificate from Kellogg school of business, as well as a Certificate in Strategic Thinking and Management for Competitive Advantage from Wharton school of business.

Mr. Velasco is also a Board Member of Nexus Capital Partners, Nexus Investment Bank, Alianza Fiduciaria, Alianza Valores, Saldarriaga Concha Foundation, ColCapital (was the Chairman in 2015/2016) and MAMBO (Modern Art Museum of Bogotá).

In the past he was also Board Member of Bancolombia ́s Investment Bank, FiduPeru (was the Chairman), Leasing Peru, Renting Peru, Colombia ́s Trust Association - Asofiduciarias (was the Chairman in two periods), Colombia´s Infrastructure Chamber - CCI and Colombia ́s Stock Market Self Regulator - AMV.

Additionally, Mr. Velasco was Board Member (and Chairman) of Dividendo por Colombia Foundation.