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Herman Bern - Keynote Speaker -

President & Founder, Empresas Bern

In 1978, Engineer Herman Bern founded Empresas Bern, a group of companies dedicated to the construction and development of Real Estate in Panama.

For more than four decades, it has developed more than 180 projects which include shopping centers, residential developments with more than 9,000 housing units.

Engr. Bern has also been a pioneer in the Panamanian Hotel Industry, where he resides over Bern Hotels & Resorts, a group of 10 hotels and other tourism businesses.

In 1998, he created the Bern Foundation, providing educational opportunities to low-income people. It currently has three bilingual educational centers, Instituto Bern, with more than 1,300 students per year; a tourism school The Panama International Hotel School and a Training Center for Construction Workers Rodrigo Grimaldo Paredes.