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Hernán Passalacqua- Executive Director, Fitzroy Tourism & Real Estate

Hernán is a leading expert in Chile in Tourism & Real Estate, with over 20 years of experience. Business & Administration degree of Universidad Catolica of Chile and MBA Imperial College of London he began his career in the financial sector with Consorcio Group (Ex Bankers Trust) and in the insurance market with Lloyds of London.

In 2001 Hernán founded Fitzroy, a Tourism & Real Estate brokerage and advising firm, through which he has evaluated and advised on more than 300 projects totaling more than USD 1,5 billion and carried out more than 150 MUSD in transactions, , including; Talbot (Holiday Inn), Explora Hotels, Cocha (largest travel agent in Chile), Colorado Ski Resorts, Veramonte Winery, Los Lingues, Rentas Falabella, Concha y Toro, Besalco, Manquehue, Aconcagua, Patagonia Sur, Hotel Kennedy, Hotel Colonos, Corso, Haras de Pirque, Agricom, Parque Arauco, PyG, La Leonera, Inversiones TORCA, Green Baker Lodge, Aguas Claras, Espacio Riesco, Malls VIVO, Tompkins Foundation, Vertice, Parque Arauco, Westin Santiago, among others.

Hernán attends annual international seminars, such as SAHIC, HOLA, expo Real Estate and WTTC, which keeps his network up to date and has contributed to the ongoing discussion concerning how to increase South America’s market share in tourism.