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Juan Manuel Barrientos - Keynote Speaker -

Peace leader in Colombia, Founder of ElCielo Foundation

Juan Manuel Barrientos is a Colombian chef, entrepreneur, speaker and peace leader. At just 34, “Juanma” or @juanmaelcielo is the creator and founder of ElCielo restaurants (Miami, Bogotá & Medellin).

He is one of the biggest chef influencers in the world with impressive following on his social media platforms. His impact is so powerful in part for his philanthropic work with the ElCielo Foundation, for which he has received worldwide media attention and recognition. In 2016, he was recognized as one of the best chefs in the world by Vista Alegre Portugal and participated as judge in the Colombian version of the reality show “The Taste.” He was also invited for a special episode of Master Chef Poland (2016) and Master Chef Spain (2017).

Juanma was invited by the White House and President Obama as panelist for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (2016), which took place at Stanford University. He began his career alongside the renowned chefs Iwao Komiyama (Argentina) and Juan Mari Arzak (Spain).

At age 23, when he returned to Colombia from Europe, he opened the doors of his first ElCielo Restaurant in Medellín. He created it inspired by the Colombian cuisine using his creativity, avant-garde cooking techniques and his neuroscience knowledge to create a unique offer with tasting menus that arouse emotions.

In 2011 ElCielo Bogotá opened its doors and in 2015 ElCielo Miami did likewise.

He has also created the restaurants Blanco, Iwao, Cuon, Kai, La Serenissima Venezia in Medellín and Bogotá, as well as the ElCielo Foundation and ElCielo Catering company.