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Melissa Robinson- Director of Global Corporate Responsibility, Hilton

Melissa Robinson is the Director of Global Corporate Responsibility at Hilton where she leads the development and activation of Hilton’s Community Investment Strategy as a part of Hilton’s broader Corporate Responsibility platform; Travel with Purpose.

She leads Hilton’s Global Volunteer Program; that is activated in 105countries, engages Hilton’s 375,000+ Team Members and aims topositively impact communities they serve.

Through their volunteer engagement, Hilton has invested nearly $26M in communities around the world.

Melissa is also responsible for Hilton’s Disaster Response program; Hilton Responds. This donor advised fund is activated to assist with the short and long-term rebuilding efforts of Hilton’s Team Members and locally impacted communities in times of disaster.

To date, the Hilton Responds fund has raised more than $3 Million in assistance for Team Members and local communities. In addition, Melissa leads Hilton’s Travel with Purpose Action Grant program. This capacity building grant program was designed to give property teams a way to innovate around scalable solutions for everyday problems that properties and communities face around the world.

The TwP Action Grant program is responsible for more than $1 Million in local impact over its three-year span. She also manages the $4.1M corporate philanthropy budget, strategic partnerships and Hilton’s global network of community champions that are located in Hilton’s 21 corporate and regional offices.

Melissa joined Hilton in 2009 managing the development, operations and implementation of the Global Fitness strategy for Hilton’s portfolio of Brands.