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“20/20 Showcase your Project” is the platform aimed at showcasing and submitting innovative ideas and attractive projects to be developed in different destinations around the region and at facilitating the encounter between opportunities and interested investors.

The initiative comprises micro-presentations featuring 20 slides to be shown for no longer than 20 seconds a piece. The goal is to present the project’s key points in an agile and straight forward manner that may draw the audience’s attention by appealing to the effectiveness of images and project highlights.

SAHIC’s organizing team will present all the candidates that have fulfilled the requirements to the Planning Committee for them to do the proper evaluation and selection. A maximum of 10 projects that comply with the requirements as specified, will be selected.

Do you have a Project?
If you have a project and wish to present it at SAHIC South America, please contact Mariela Cababie, Marketing Manager,

Projects may be submitted until July 12, 2019.

Submittance of projects is an exclusive benefit for those delegates already registered at SAHIC South America.

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Qmbia Baru Eco Park

Qmbia will be placed in a land of 20 hectares in Isla Barú, Cartagena, Colombia. It is based on the business model of Xcaret group in Mexico. It will comprise the following components: Eco Park, Thematic Park, Aventura Park, Spa, Eco Hotel Boutique High End, Museum, Environmental Center, Animal Protection Center, Recycling Center, Cultural Center, Gardens, Greenhouses, Reforestation Center, Beach Club, Diving and Snorkeling Center, Community Services.

The success of the park is based on 5 strengths:
1. It is a detonator of social, environmental and economic development.
2. Has a spectacular master plan, strategic location in a safe and unique environment and macro destination in BARU.
3. Great experience on sustainable tourism operations of the promoter in Mexico.
4. The growing number of tourists arriving in Cartagena
5. To raise the standards of tourism and services in Colombia.

Juan Carlos Plata
Parques Econscientes  


ALAVERA is a hotel project in the city of Medellín, Colombia. It is planned to become a 5 star hotel of 96 rooms with an international operator. It is developed as a hotel project with the aim of giving continuity to the urban renewal that is taking place in the sector where it is built (Parques del Rio), having as an articulating element the architecture, integrating that project with the Conquistadores Neighborhood, respecting its past. It seeks not only to show, but also to foster a genuine sense of the history of Medellín, which will allow us to show the value of the architectural heritage and then integrate it with an innovative contemporary architecture.

Juan Carlos Tobón Monsalve
General Manager


This project is placed in the city of Envigado in the Antioquia Region, Colombia. It has a high potential of development, with the possibility of build new houses, offices, commerce, hotel and industry. The site has a total gross area of 31,280 m2 and a strategic, location, due to its proximity to shopping centers, massive transportation systems, sports and institutional spaces and easy access to important city roads.

The property has a mixed property structure: 95% is owned by a governmental entity, and 5% is owned by a natural person.

Raul Diaz
Director Regional
Colliers International

*Note: The information about the projects was provided by the developer of each of them.